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Rettungsmesser mit Micarta - Griff, Antonini SOS RESCUE MAMBA

Klingenlänge: 105 mm - 4,13''
Gesamtlänge: 235 mm - 9,25''
Gewicht: 195 g - 6,88 oz.

Klinge: Gehärterter Aisi 440A Stahl - HRC 56/58
Veredelung: Combo and pointe; Satiniert
Griff: Grün 3D gefertigt Micarta®
Verschlüsse:Torx ® screws in Aisi 303/304

BLADE: 105 mm - 4,13''
TOTAL: 235 mm - 9,25''
WEIGHT: 195 g - 6,88 oz.

Professional rescue knife with Micarta® handle, fixed and pointed blade, "combo" (semi-serrated) and satined finishing. Strong integrated glass breaker at the back of the handle. Couple of lanyard holes on the handle where parachord or rope can be fastened. Hexagonal magnetic bit holder for standard 1/4'' (6,35 mm.) insert on the handle. Nut key profile (mm.7-8-10-13) into the blade. Recommended accessories: Professional Cordura® sheath ? TOP.EGG ? (without inserts and extension) or ? TOP.EGG_&_BITS ? (standard ?TOP.EGG? + special additional pocket to attach to the main sheath with inserts and extension).

BLADE: Hardened Aisi 440A steel - HRC 56/58
FINISHING: Combo and pointe; Satined
HANDLE: Green 3D-machined Micarta®
FASTENERS: Torx ® screws in Aisi 303/304

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