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NAUTA B/S - blue

Klingenlänge: 85 mm - 3.35"
Gesamtlänge: 220 mm - 8.46"
Geschlossen: 133 mm - 5.24"
Gewicht: 150 g - 4.23 oz

Klinge: Gehärterter Aisi 420A Stahl
Veredelung: Satiniert
Griff: Blau anodised 6082 T6 aluminium
Verriegelung: Gehärterter Aisi 420 Stahl liner-lock
Klemme: Gehärterter Aisi 420 Stahl
Verschlüsse: Pivot and Torx ® screws in Aisi 303/304

BLADE: 85 mm - 3.35"
OVERALL: 220 mm - 8.66"
CLOSED: 133 mm - 5.24"
WEIGHT: 150 g - 4.23 oz

Model built with the traditional prerogatives of the nautical knife (shape of the blade and marlin spike) but also appreciated by rescue professionals such as Fire Brigades, Red Cross and Civil Defence corps. A double liner-lock made of stainless steel (Aisi 420) provides a secure locking, in open position, of the blade as well of the marlin-spike. The blade is presented in straight edge (typical of the boating), "combo" version (partially serrated and partially plain) and satined finishing. A handy bottle opener made of stainless steel (to be used when the marlin-spike is in open position), a hexagonal magnet bit holder for standard ¼ " (6,35 mm) insert and a spacer in the handle with hole for a string, make this knife a product of particular value.

BLADE: Hardened Aisi 440A steel - HRC 56/58
MARLIN SPIKE: Hardened Aisi 420 steel
HANDLE: Blue anodised 6082 T6 aluminium
LOCKING: Hardened Aisi 420 steel liner-lock
CLIP: Hardened Aisi 420 steel
FASTENERS: Pivot and Torx ® screws in Aisi 303/304


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