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ARA XL AR/S - orange

Klingenlänge: 85 mm - 3.35"
Gesamtlänge: 215 mm - 8.46"
Geschlossen: 133 mm - 5.24"
Gewicht: 120 g - 4.23 oz

Klinge: Gehärterter Aisi 440A Stahl - HRC 56/58
Veredelung: Satiniert
Griff: Orange eloxiertes 6082 T6 Aluminium
Verriegelung: Gehärterter Aisi 420 Stahl liner-lock
Klemme: Gehärterter Aisi 420 Stahl
Verschlüsse: Pivot and Torx ® screws in Aisi 303/304

BLADE: 85 mm - 3.35"
OVERALL: 215 mm - 8.46"
CLOSED: 133 mm - 5.24"
WEIGHT: 120 g - 4.23 oz

The blade has been specially designed with a large slot and a double pivot just to suit the opening for left-handers and for those wearing gloves. This knife only comes in the ?combo? version (semi-serrated blade) with a rounded safety tip and is ideal for pulling and cutting at the same time. There is an extremely sharp stainless steel belt cutter built into the handle. The knife comes complete with instructions for use, cleaning and maintenance.

BLADE: Hardened Aisi 440A steel - HRC 56/58
HANDLE: Orange anodised 6082 T6 aluminium
LOCKING: Hardened Aisi 420 steel liner-lock
CLIP: Hardened Aisi 420 steel
FASTENERS: Pivot and Torx ® screws in Aisi 303/304


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